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    Rising your human capital
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    IT Recruiting


    Following the rapid development of technology, we strive to provide our customers with the best technical and digital specialists to continue the implementation of our mission successfully.


    Our mission is to help companies and candidates in their professional growth and development, to make you successful and confident in the future due to your persistent position in the market of technological developments. And this can only be done by having a staff of strong and talented technical specialists, marketers, project and sales managers, and other irreplaceable people that we can provide you with already today! If you are one of the abovementioned specialists, and now you are in search of new projects, we are always ready to help a potential candidate. Our end goal is to connect the best candidate with the best company.

    Services for IT companies:


    The main thing you should know when hiring IT staff is the fact that the market is overcrowded with candidates but it is still very difficult to find the programmer that will fit your project. Ukraine has a really reach IT talents pool but in order not to be lost in the labor market, it would be reasonable to ask software development recruitment agencies for help.

    We offer you to not do roundabout ways and apply to Capital Recruiters in order to build you great team in the shortest terms. Our extensive staff database and great experience allows us to perform this task as quickly as possible and with a guarantee of the best result. Your business will work in full force already tomorrow with our help!


    The development of innovations encourages IT companies to seek the same innovative approaches to organizing their workflow. The main goal is to increase revenues by reducing the financial costs and time spent. Outstaffing of programmers is one such solution that will help your business to reach a new level in terms of work organization, profitability, and efficiency.

    Outstaffing is a great idea to save time, money and other resources since you do not need to look for a candidate, provide him with a workplace and bother yourself with all the accompanying documents. Capital Recruiters will do all these tasks instead of you, and you will only reap the rewards of your success. If you need to hire IT staff, apply to our professional recruiting and outstaffing services! We are ready to get in touch right now!


    Modern trends are such that the business is moving towards a remote work model. This is not surprising since modern technologies allow companies and their employees to be as flexible as possible in terms of organizing the workflow. However, a number of projects and tasks still need a direct presence in the workplace. It is quite difficult to find IT talents to fit your project in your or their native country, and this is even more complicated to do this if you need to hire a programmer from abroad and you want him to relocate. Performing a search around the world through recruiting service companies, you maximize your chance to find a suitable employee ready for relocation.

    We already know these people so we are ready to offer you to get acquainted with them. Just let us know about your necessities and we will relocate the greatest programmers to work on your project.

    IT expertise by industries:

    • Fintech
    • Automotive
    • ERP&CRM
    • 3D Printing
    • Healthcare
    • E-commerce
    • IoT
    • Travel
    • Gaming
    • Betting
    • Telecommunication
    • Data Science/ Machine Learning

    IT Expertise by technologies:

    • CxO level (CEO, COO, CTO, VP of Engineering)
    • C/C++, Embedded
    • .Net, Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV/CRM
    • Java, Scala
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • iOS, Swift, Objective-C
    • Android
    • Golang
    • QA
    • DevOps
    • DB/BI
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