Rising your human capital
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.Net Developer

Image Belgium, Brussels
ID: Job-2805

Оur сlіent іs а glоbаl ІT соmраny wіth develорment сenters іn USА, UK, The Netherlаnds, Sраіn, Hungаry, Сhіnа, Рhіlірріnes, Саnаdа, Brаzіl, Аrgentіnа. The соmраny hаs dоmаіn knоwledge іn mоre thаn 20 іndustrіes іnсludіng іnsurаnсe, lіfe sсіenсes, heаlthсаre, bаnkіng, lоgіstісs, retаіl, соmmunісаtіоns, teсhnоlоgy. Skіlls & Аttrіbutes: The fоllоwіng skіlls аre requіred tо be suссessful іn рerfоrmіng […]

Senior .net developer (backend)

Image Ukraine, Kyiv
ID: job-2765

Senior .net developer (backend) Our client is one of the top worldwide companies specialized in game development. The company has studios in more than 20 countries. The project is development online services for our platform. The technical stack: .NET Core 2+, microservice architecture, Docker, RESTful web services, AWS. Keywords: .NET Core 2+, microservice architecture, Docker, […]

Team Leader/Tech Leader

Image Ukraine, Kyiv
ID: job-2712

Keywords: C#, .NET, Java, MySQL, SQL Server, team leader Requirements: experience as team leader from 2 years experience in development on Java or .Net or C++ experience with BD (MySQL, SQL Server) experience with Scrum Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment process product-focused mindset team player with strong interpersonal skills process management upper-intermediate  English Responsibilities: Leading and […]