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    30 April 2023

    Middle DevOps Engineer

    Location Remote,
    ID: Job-3837

    The vacancy is open in international product IT company-products in iGaming. You can work remotely from any city or in the office in Tbilisi or Limassol.

    The team is looking for a Middle DevOps Engineer with at least 3 years of experience in DevOps.

    Technologies: Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab CI/CD, AWS, NGINX, and the ELK stack.

    The main responsibility of the candidate is to ensure the stability and reliability of our applications and infrastructure. And also:

    • Build, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure on AWS, Scaleway;
    • Maintain and improve the automation of the build and deployment process;
    • Design, build, and maintain containerized applications and services using Docker and Kubernetes;
    • Manage infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool Terraform;
    • Configure, manage and monitor PostgreSQL and Redis databases;
    • Implement and maintain continuous integration and delivery pipelines using GitLab CI/CD;
    • Develop and maintain monitoring and logging solutions using the ELK stack and Grafana\Prometheus;
    • Configure and manage the NGINX web server for load balancing and reverse proxy;
    • Collaborate with developers, QA, and other teams to identify and resolve infrastructure issues and improve application performance.


    • Minimum of 3 years of experience in DevOps;
    • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP or Azure;
    • Strong knowledge of containerization and orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes;
    • Solid experience with Infrastructure management using Terraform;
    • Experience with databases such as PostgreSQL and Redis;
    • Experience with continuous integration and delivery using GitLab CI/CD;
    • Familiarity with the ELK stack for log analysis, Grafana\Prometheus for metrics;
    • Experience configuring and managing NGINX web server for load balancing and reverse proxy;
    • Understanding of networking concepts including TCP/IP, DNS, TCP, CDN, SSL, Firewalls, and VPNs/subnetting;
    • Good communication and collaboration skills to work in a team-oriented environment.

    Company offеrs:

    • Bеіng а pаrt of аn іntеrnаtіonаl tеаm focusеd on еxcеllеncе іn product dеvеlopmеnt;
    • Support from collеаguеs аnd аutomаtіzаtіon of tіmе-consumіng procеssеs;
    • Hіgh-lеvеl compеnsаtіon аnd rеgulаr pеrformаncе-bаsеd sаlаry аnd cаrееr dеvеlopmеnt rеvіеws;
    • Flеxіblе workіng schеdulе;
    • Opportunіty to work whеthеr іn аn offіcе or rеmotе;
    • Unlіmіtеd vаcаtіon аnd sіck lеаvе polіcy;
    • Compеnsаtіon for coursеs, confеrеncеs, workshops, еtc.;
    • Еducаtіon Foundаtіon іn lеаrnіng somеthіng nеw (profеssіonаl or іndееd pеrsonаl іntеrеst);
    • Summеr corporаtе rеtrеаt аnd rеgulаr tеаm-buіldіngs;
    • Frее corporаtе onlіnе sports trаіnіngs;
    • Rеfеrrаl progrаm for еmployееs.


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