About the project:


Full cycle testing of the new generation navigation software running on the car head unit. Based on powerful location SDK and QT framework, application is responsible for rendering the vector maps, with or without using a data connection, and provides route calculation, finding places, turn-by-turn guidance capabilities as well as access to advanced online services such as dynamic navigation, route optimization, public transport, Venues 3D, Street-level Imagery and LiveSight. Smoothly integrated with the Android and iOS companion applications, if forms a friendly and extremely useful in-car navigation solution.


Technology stack:

  • C ++
  • QT
  • QML
  • OOP
  • Multithreaded
  • Agile
  • cross-platform software


Outsourcing company, offers a Competitive Employee Benefits Package:

  • personal development program
  • paid vacation, corporate doctor
  • compensation for visiting a fitness center or swimming pool
  • half-yearly dental coverage
  • “tasty” Mondays and “fruit” Fridays
  • interesting leisure areas

..and this is not the whole list of benefits they can offer :)





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