1. Question: Why do I need to make use of agency’s services, if I can send my CV directly to the employer?

Answer: Very often top companies delegate staff recruiting to agency. They do not post any information in open sources due to several reasons:

  • There is a confidential replacement planned.
  • Company’s personnel department cannot cope with all incoming resumes for a large number of vacancies. This primary selection is outsourced to an agency.
  • A company has no separate personnel department thus nobody is responsible for the staff recruiting.
  • A candidate will always be updated about the status of the hiring process since agency’s consultants communicate directly with an employer
  • More than 90% of all top management is hired via an agency, since employer is interested to keep the information about management replacement in secret.

2. Question: What is the agency’s fee?

Answer: Agency’s fee is included in employers’ budgets. Agency’s services are free for the candidates.

3. Question: Can an agency’s consultant send my resume to any company without my permission?

Answer: Our agency is interested in keeping up the reputation thus every candidate will be asked for a permission to forward his or her resume to an employer.

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